What we offer

Following Michael's boat

We start in the morning at 8 o’clock from the port of Agia Pelagia in Svoronata, 10km from Argostoli (the capital of the island).
Antonia welcomes you with a handmade cake that prepares every day for her guests, Greek coffee and juice for our little friends.
We continue to the point, where Captain Michalis has cast his nets out through the night. Visitors are closely following the process of how nets picked up and have the opportunity to help to the extent they are allowed for their own safety and to make any questions they want.
The traditional fishing methods used allow visitors to see lobsters, crabs, sparrows, shrimps, scorpio fish, sea bass, sea breams and many more. Keep in mind that fish vary from day to day and is not always the same.
As soon as the nets get up, they begin cleaning and storing the fish in the special ice coolers, as the law says.
After fishing, we head to a beach (close to where we fish), where there is no access by car except by boat. There visitors enjoy the sun and have the opportunity to swim in the crystal blue waters of Kefalonia ,while the captain and his wife Antonia prepare lunch in front of the eyes of the visitors.
Michalis will prepare the best lobster spaghetti you have ever tasted (naturally when lobsters have been caught) or «bourgeto» a traditional Kefalonia dish made with various fish.
Various fried fish will also be added to lunch.
Antonia, as Organic Farmer, always chooses from her own field the first quality vegetables for her delicious salads (Greek salad and potato salad), the oil used in salads is from their own olive grove.
The wine that visitors enjoy, comes from a local variety from the personal vineyard of Kapetan Gerasimo’s , father of Michalis.
After lunch fruits from the field of the family are offered, while guests relax under the shade of the boat.
After the meal, the return to the port slowly begins.
The duration of the trip is from 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon.
To find out the price per person please contact us and we will be happy to answer any further questions.
The purchase of fish at the end of the day is more than welcome.

There is the possibility to organize for your family, loved ones and friends a fishing trip just for you.
In this case the program is tailored to suit your needs and Antonia will be more than happy to organize it with you.
What’s more beautiful than enjoying a fishing trip tailored to your needs only with your family or friends?
Ask us and we will make it happen!

Private hire

Fishing trips at sunset

For the fishing trip at sunset we start at 5 o’clock in the afternoon from the port of Agia Pelagia in Svoronata.
We follow the same program as the day schedule, except that guests have the unique opportunity to enjoy the magnificent sunset as the nets are picked up!
It is a unique experience that is suitable not only for the most romantic ones but also for families with young children who want to avoid the intense sun.
Visitors and families who chose this type of fishing trip joined us for a second time during their holidays!

A great surprise for the most fanatical fishermen is the swordfish fishing that we organize!
Our day starts a little earlier, in this case at 7:30 am from the port of Agia Pelagia.
We head to the fishing grounds where our captain has cast the longlines the previous day. Longlines are the main way of fishing for swordfish in Greece.
Of course our guests can participate in the collection of longlines, always with the instructions of our experienced crew for their own safety.
Once the process is over, we always go to a beach to prepare the lunch with the fish caught.
The duration of the swordfish fishing trip differs from that of the morning program!
For more details and prices, please contact us!

Special trips

Autumn trips

This is our full schedule…
We start at about 8 o clock in the morning… from Argostoli at the sea front where all the fishing boats are in the morning..
In the morning we serve Greek coffee and cake fresh baked by me and juice for the kids….
We head to the place that my husband Michalis the captain has already cast the nets earlier that day, there we watch the whole procedure and of course you can help picking up the nets and afterwards cleaning the nets from the fish… that’s the whole meaning, live the day of a fisherman… after we clean the nets we head to a beach and there you can enjoy the sea and the sun while we are preparing lunch with the fish we catch, (that means all kind of fish especially this time of year we catch red mullet, squids, shrimps, sardines, barakouda, small tuna fish etc.) fried fish, spaghetti according the catch of the day , “bourgeto” a local dish cooked by our captain, potato salad and xoriatiki with veggies from our garden and virgin olive oil from our olive trees, all washed down with wine from our own winery…. after lunch fruits from our garden also are served and then we go back to the port….
Duration is from 8 o clock up to almost 4 o clock in the afternoon 😊…..
I think I have answered your questions 😊 anything else that comes in your mind please don’t hesitate to ask me 🙂

For more details and prices, please contact us!